Generations and The Workspace – A Provocative Outlook

Between 25 and 34 you are part of the last Generation born in the 20th Century after 1980. You generally grew up with Technology and specifically the Internet, have +/-250 Facebook friends, Text up to 50 times a day, prefer to rather communicate via Technology (59%) than have face to face engagements (41%) and trust the opinion of your peers more than you do Advertising. In fact, you are 87% more likely to purchase a product because a friend said you should than if any kind of Advertising did. Generation Y is also the Generation the most Advertising and research money has gone into.

Coworking vs. Private Office vs. Coffee Shop

Have you ever tried to motivate yourself to be more productive only to find yourself doing the same thing over and over again? You have a long to-do list but you have not scratched one item off the list in almost a week. You feel de-motivated, uninspired and even bored. You should know that getting work done isn’t only about defining your goals and having a clear vision. It is also about choosing and settling yourself in an appropriate and productive work environment that will keep you on your feet. 

Q&A with Ingrid and Gavin, Communication Specialists

Gavin Moffat and Ingrid Lotze, are trimix technical divers, communication gurus and two very skilled people in the PR game. With similar levels of knowledge and passion, but different approaches to problem-solving and strategy, they head up Join The Dots. We did a quick Q&A to get to know them a little better and find out what makes them tick. 

Mia da Camara
Q&A with Digital Guru, Nkhensani Rikhotso

We instantly fell in love with this fun loving individual the minute she stepped foot into our co-working space. She fills a room with laughter and silliness and kicks ass in the Digital world. Nkhensani is the person in question: for starters, she’s the Head of Digital Design in the E-commerce department at Edcon, but also a guru in online strategy and design for her studio named Hello Kai Creative, we caught up with Khensi for a "serious" business Q&A and got to know her pretty well. She's hosting an awesome workshop on all things digital in our space on 13 May 2017.  

Make Workshops a part of your Marketing Strategy

Co-working spaces generally attract similar types of customers: business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants  and freelancers. They are your kind of people. They are part of your tribe. These are exactly the type of people to who need to know about your business, product or service so you need to look at your marketing plan and include workshops as part of the your strategy.

Mia da Camara
Inspiration of the Week: The Breakthrough Concept of Participative Community

I recently watched a talk on the 10 Principles of Burning Man and it got me thinking of Participative Culture and how communities should be embracing a new way of thinking and working. Here are the basic points, as foreign as they may sound, could they apply to our every day work life and community? We would love to hear your thoughts:

The Power of Workshops to Create Wealth

Since opening our doors, we have hosted a number of free workshops with varying topics aimed at start ups and the entrepreneurial scene. Its been a great way to meet lovely people, learn secret tips, mingle with other entrepreneurs and grow this beautiful community. After last nights' workshop, it suddenly got me thinking on the power workshops have as a way to market yourself, grow your network, inspire and have an impact on people. 

7 Characteristics of a Great Co-working Space

To some of you, co-working may be a new concept, but it is one of the most beneficial resources available to entrepreneurs these days. A co-work space is a shared work environment where people meet, work, network, share ideas and collaborate on projects, independent of a single office or business. They are great for freelancers, independent contractors, people who travel frequently, or just anyone interested in finding creative and contemporary places to work as they provide resources and inspiration.