Coworking vs. Private Office vs. Coffee Shop

Have you ever tried to motivate yourself to be more productive only to find yourself doing the same thing over and over again? You have a long to-do list but you have not scratched one item off the list in almost a week. You feel de-motivated, uninspired and even bored. You should know that getting work done isn’t only about defining your goals and having a clear vision. It is also about choosing and settling yourself in an appropriate and productive work environment that will keep you on your feet. 

You want to work in an environment that represents you as an individual, a place that represents your business culture, your values and your goals. Choosing an appropriate working space is a huge step because not only does it determine your expenses but it determines your productivity and your overall growth as well. As we move into an increasingly connected future I believe choosing a co-working space will benefit most workers because of the value they add. 

Coworking Space vs. Coffee Shop

Much like a co-working space, working in a coffee shop gives you a chance to get out of the house, to surround yourself with that mild ambient noise, and to interact with other people but a co-working space is a lot more beneficial, and here’s why:

Fewer Expenses

In most coffee shops, Wi-Fi access and a work table is free but you cannot just occupy a table in a coffee shop without buying anything, right? If you're planning to work in a coffee shop for the whole day chances are by the end of the day you would have bought more than you normally would consume at home. With the price of coffee these days, you could end up paying more than R300 for one day. In a co-working space, your monthly membership can work out to between R100-R180 per day. The membership allows you access to a reliable Wi-Fi connection, idea sharing that will grow you and your business and collaborations with the members that can also result in free professional consultations and ultimately more work opportunities. 

Less Disruptions 

There are a few entrepreneurs who enjoy the bustling noises at the coffee shop. Unfortunately, not everyone in a coffee shop is geared toward productivity and some shops have the wrong ambience; they may be populated with loud customers or a very distracting environment. When a person sitting next to you is browsing videos on YouTube you get tempted to do the same. In a co-working space, everyone is there to get their work done. Everyone is motivated and like-minded so you're likely to get more work done and get assistance from members who have knowledge and skills in that department.


Coworking Space vs. Office

As a traditional office worker, the appeal and benefit of a co-working environment may not be quite clear to you. You already have access to traditional office amenities like high-speed internet, printers and conference rooms which are pretty much the same thing that a co-working space offers. There are a variety of benefits to co-working spaces for both businesses and workers that are not in a traditional corporate office.

Fewer Expenses

Due to the rapid increase in population in major cities, the demand for property has increased dramatically which has led to a rise in property prices and commercial office renting. That makes working in a co-working space even more advantageous for entrepreneurs, freelancers and knowledge workers who do not have the capital to rent expensive commercial property. Co-working spaces charge a small monthly membership fee to use the space and let users pay as they go. When renting an office space you also have to take other expenses that come with renting an office into consideration like insurance, buying new furniture, cleaning & maintenance, Wi-Fi expenses etc. You can end up spending R30 000 per month for an office which is approximately triple the amount you spend in a co-working space that offers all the perks that are available in an office.

Inspirational environment

As an entrepreneur, allowing your intrapreneurial employees to use a co-working space gives them the work flexibility they crave while allowing you to attract talent from anywhere and reducing costs.  Co-working is more than just providing a space for working like an office. Companies are now looking for new ways to stimulate and inspire their teams. This generation of workers looks for flexibility, inspiration and creativity, to be more productive and to connect with other professionals. Why not give them an option to go to co-working spaces to work from a new exciting environment? Most co-working spaces are located in busy, inspiring locations where people have the opportunity to work closer to home and half their time commuting. They also expose you to a learning environment and workshops that will equip you with skills that will benefit your career and ultimately the company you're working for.