The Power of Workshops to Create Wealth

Since opening our doors, we have hosted a number of free workshops with varying topics aimed at start ups and the entrepreneurial scene. Its been a great way to meet lovely people, learn secret tips, mingle with other entrepreneurs and grow this beautiful community. After last nights' workshop, it suddenly got me thinking on the power workshops have as a way to market yourself, grow your network, inspire and have an impact on people. 

So here's what I've learned, in a nutshell: 

1. Impact

You have the knowledge and tools to influence and impact other people in a positive and significant way. Education is one of the best ways to truly influence other people and workshops are a great way to educate. 

2. Lead Generation

Use your skills to attract your perfect, ideal clients to your workshop. Craft your message in a way that allows people to self select, or to identify themselves as the perfect recipients of your message. They see your message and say, “YES! This is for me! I’ve been waiting for this exact information!”

3. Income

You're offering groups of people an opportunity to invest in solutions that will improve their businesses or lives. People who attend your workshop will more likely move on to do paid business with you than had they not had the opportunity to engage with you.

4. Inspiration 

Inspiring people is deeply fulfilling and knowing that you are contributing to someone's life is so rewarding and what community is all about.  

5. Word of Mouth

When you provide a solution to somebody's problem and if people feel like they have gotten value from your talk, they will gladly spread the word and share with their friends and thus grow your audience for you. 


If you're interested in magnetising your audience, get out there, find your value proposition, tell your story and share your knowledge - the possibilities are endless. Community Centre offers a relaxed, informal environment to host your workshop so contact us today!