Coworking is
the Future




The mission of the Joburg Collaborative Space Alliance (JCSA) is to unify, support and promote the coworking and collaborative space movement. Recently, there have been a couple spaces around Joburg closing down, which really makes us feel like we need to unite and make co-working work in our beautiful city. 


Who We Are

We are a distributed community of space owners, manager, members and community catalysts who share a passion for coworking and collaboration in and around the Johannesburg metro area.

Why are we doing this?

As collaborative spaces emerge all over the world, we want to encourage locally focused support for the creation and promotion of coworking spaces throughout our city. We believe that coworking spaces are key aspects to a sustainable urban environment because they provide a platform for community among independent workers. When those communities form, all sorts of good things happen. New business opportunities are discovered, resources you didn’t know existed are suddenly sitting at the next desk, personal relationships are formed and the rest of the local community grows stronger. The JCSA strives to make coworking an integral part of every city’s resource base.

Our Philosophy

The JCSA shares the core values of coworking: community, collaboration, openness, sustainability, and accessibility.

As believers in the above values we share a philosophy of helping each other out, rather than competing with each other. If one space in our community succeeds, we all succeed. We support one another by referring potential coworkers to spaces that we feel fit their needs best. We aim to create a supportive environment for everyone in our community.

“Coworking is dismantling loneliness around the world”

VANESSA RICHARDS  |   312 Main in Vancouver


COWORKING, the concept

Even though coworking has evolved from a small movement into a global phenomenon, we still find the need to describe what it is. It's a bit tricky to distill all the awesomeness of coworking into a few bite-size pieces but we encourage people to go out and try some spaces - you'll get it soon enough! Coworking spaces provide a drop-in workspace for people to work, create an impact in their community and help businesses grow and people learn. It's about our people + businesses and their story and how spaces can improve their lives.